Here is our current list of equipment ready for hire.  We guarantee reliable, accurate instruments catered to your particular needs and provide a personal delivery service throughout the South East for most items, ensuring all hire equipment arrives safely.

  Price per week from:
Robotic Total Stations (including 4-bay Charger, Tripod, Detail Pole)  
Leica TS13 5″ with CS-20 Full Kit – Limited Availability  £160.00
Leica TS15 5″ with CS-15 Full kit    £180.00
Leica TS15 1″ with CS-15 Full kit  £200.00
Leica TS16 5″ with CS-20 Full Kit   £210.00
Leica TS16 1″ with CS20 Full Kit   £225.00
Total  Stations (including case contents and Tripod)  
Leica TS10 5″ with tripod -Limited Availability £90.00
Leica TS09+ 1″ with Tripod £95.00
Leica TS09+ 5 and tripod £75.00
Leica TS06+ 5 and tripod £60.00
Laser Levels (including tripod, detector eye and staff)  
Leica Rugby 810, 620, 610 Full Kit  £30.00
Leica Rugby CLA Basic Full Kit £35.00
Automatic Levels (including Tripod and Staff)  
Leica NA720 Level kit   £15.00
Leica NA724 Level kit     £16.50
Leica NA728 Level kit £18.00
Other  Equipment  
Radiodetection gCAT4+ and Genny4 £30.00
Radiodetection gCAT4+ and Genny4 Full Kit  £35.00
Geo Fennel FLP100 Laser Plummet (with Tripod)    £55.00
Kolectric Covermeter   £50.00
Sound Meter £50.00
Right Angled Eye Piece   £15.00
½ Traverse Kit (Prism Station and Tripod)  £15.00
Full Traverse Kit (2x Prism stations and Tripods)+ Detail Pole    £30.00
Leica GRZ101 Mini Prism Set inc GLI115 Bubble and GLS115 Mini Poles  £15.00