Wren A Guard

We currently hold stock of the Wren A Guard tripod lock and alarm system. 

Wren A Guard tripod lock and alarm system

Wren-a-Guard protects expensive Total Stations, GPS Antennas and other tripod mounted instruments from the growing risk of theft. A significant number of Total Stations are stolen every year and not recovered. The majority are stolen whilst in use on busy streets. The Wren-a-guard protects against opportunist theft and acts as a visible deterrent. The Wren-a-Guard includes a 120db motion sensor alarm which alerts the surveyor to any disruption or movement of the tripod.

• Stops tripod legs being folded and loaded into a car or van.
• Combination padlocks secures instrument to tripod.
• Instrument is secured into tribrach with additional locking plate.
• Easy and simple to fit.
• No adaptations needed to tripods or equipment.
• 120db motion sensitive Xena XX6 alarm.
• 3m Lanyard to secure tripod to fixed objects or instrument box.
• Includes 3 centre pieces for easy traversing.
• Potential to reduce insurance premiums.

A special offer price of £180.00 plus VAT